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How is Amrêve clothing made?

Our luxury women’s loungewear is crafted from USDA and GOTS-certified organic pima cotton harvested and processed in Peru. We’ve chosen a Certified B Corporation, Fair Trade-certified facility for clothing production, ensuring that the highest standards for social responsibility, public transparency, and legal accountability are upheld. Everyone involved in crafting amrêve clothing is carefully considered, paid a fair wage, and treated with humanity.

Our non-toxic, organic cotton clothing is free of insecticides, chemicals, pesticides, or harmful dyes. It’s softer on skin, healthier for farmers, and kinder to the planet.

Read more about our production policies and environmental standards here.

How should I care for my Amrêve garments?

We recommend washing our garments in cold water and laying flat to dry. To keep your organic loungewear silky soft, please do not bleach or dry clean.

When will my order arrive?

We’re working to deliver your wellnesswear ASAP. You’ll receive an email once your package has been delivered to the carrier with a tracking number and estimated date of delivery.

What if I want to return or exchange my item?

We’re here for you. Check out the return policy here and contact us at

Can I place an order outside of the continental US?

In addition to the continental US, we currently ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Mexico. We hope to bring wellnesswear to the rest of the world as we grow. If you’re located outside of our current shipping area, please check back soon!