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  • Does Coffee Have a Place in Your Wellness Routine?

    Wondering how you can best incorporate coffee into your wellness routine? First off, start with the quality and acidity of the coffee. For people with gastrointestinal concerns, like acid reflux, heartburn, or IBS, this acidity can trigger uncomfortable symptoms. 

    Fabula is a standout brand with low-acid, small-batch, single-origin brews. With coffee that’s grown in shade at high elevations, Fabula keeps acid levels lower than conventional coffee. We also love that Fabula tests its coffee at independent laboratories to ensure it’s free of over 350 chemicals.

  • Time for a Big Talk: Deep Questions for Closer Connections

    Deep connections with loved ones provide purpose, care, and joy throughout life’s many seasons. But, with time, these connections tend to shift and evolve. Amidst these inevitable changes, how can you safeguard and grow your most important relationships?
  • Creating a Mindful Home Spa Experience

    A home spa can be highly individualized, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

    • Light a few candles and draw up a warm bath. We love these clean bath salts and soaks from Credo Beauty (or check out this list of EWG-rated bubble baths).
    • Turn on your favorite album or podcast while turning off your notifications. If possible, keep your phone and laptop in a drawer to curb any digital temptation. 
    • Gently cleanse your skin, then apply a nourishing face mask (we love a DIY face mask containing mashed avocado, banana, or pumpkin with manuka honey). Don’t hesitate to break out a hair mask if your locks could use a little TLC, too!
    • Break out the body scrub while you relax in the bath. 
    • After washing away your face mask and patting your skin dry with a clean microfiber towel, massage your face with a jade roller (we love keeping our roller in the fridge for a rejuvenating boost). 
    • Hop into some ultra-soft loungewear and relax the night away. Our organic cotton wellnesswear is the ultimate compliment to a DIY spa day, with a silky-soft feel against your just-moisturized skin. 
  • 7 Nutrient-Rich Foods to Enjoy This Autumn

    Adapting your diet to the shifting seasons is a sustainable and nutritious way to try new recipes and excite your taste buds. Try these autumn favorites to comfort your palette and support your wellbeing. 
  • Naturally Managing Stress for Total Wellbeing

    With back-to-school season setting in, you may be setting new goals, adjusting to a busier schedule, or perhaps reminiscing about the carefree summer months. With the inevitable change that comes with the start of a new season, we’re taking this opportunity to talk about something that affects us all: stress. 
  • What Type of Cardio is Right for You?

    Whether you’re an avid yogi, a loyal gym-goer, or a master of the morning run, you’ve likely heard about the importance of cardio. Along with stretching and strength training, cardio is a crucial piece in the puzzle of an optimal fitness routine. 
    Thankfully, cardio comes in many forms – including some you might not expect. So, if you haven’t yet found a type of cardio you love or you want to explore other options, read on for plenty of ways to get your blood (and those delightful endorphins) pumping. 
  • Mineral vs. Chemical Sunscreen: Which is Better?

    In the all-important world of sunscreen, there are two key players: mineral and chemical. Over the past several years, clinical research has birthed some unsettling discoveries about the ingredients in chemical sunscreen. But, how exactly does it differ from mineral sunscreen, and which one is the best choice for your health, from the inside out?